Thirteen reason to buy (or not buy) the 2011 Jaguar XFR


Here are 13, fast facts about the supremely cool 2011 Jaguar XFR:

  1. The XFR’s supercharged, 5.0 liter V8 makes 510 horsepower. Did you hear me? That’s five-hundred and ten-friggin’-horsepower! Oh, and there’s very little power drop-off even at our Rocky Mountain high altitude, thanks to that supercharger.
  2. If you’re an unattractive woman – it will make you look MUCH better.
  3. It sounds better and looks WAY better than a Porsche Panamera. Then again, Porsche does not allow testing of their vehicles anywhere in the Rockies – so – the Jaguar XFR is one of the fastest, most enjoyable European sedans in the Rocky Mountain region.
  4. 0 to 60 mph takes just 4.7 seconds.
  5. The six-speed transmission is very smooth.

  6. The plastic (seriously Jaguar – plastic?) paddle shifters are well placed and allow for proper throttle blipping during down-shifts. The rotating transmission dial is still a tad oddball to me. It’s cheaper than the equivalent Porsche Panamera at $79,600.
  7. It corners like a slot-car with Velcro wheels. There is more grip in the XFR than Paris Hilton has on a purse – that doesn’t belong to her – with her wallet and personal items inside – filled with cocaine.
  8. The brakes are massive and clamping power is almost too good. When you drive in traffic, the Jaguar XFR’s brakes are a touch too sensitive.
  9. If you’re fat and bald (I am) it makes you look MUCH more attractive.
  10. For such a great handling machine, the suspension is downright supple. It’s one of the best riding cars in its class. I’m not sure about the Porsche Panamera– but who cares about Porsche?
  11. The front seats are very comfortable, the rears are quite good but legroom is a bit tight.
  12. Thank every sort of divine being for helping Jaguar withstand the temptation to add carbon fiber to the interior. God hates carbon fiber trim in luxury cars and it’s getting old. I mean, adding carbon fiber to a chunky car like this (or MBZ, BMW, Cadillac, Lexus, Infiniti, Audi etc.) is useless and it looks bad – am I right?
  13. If you are the type of successful, speedy bloke or lass that want to make a statement while being unique AND sheik – the 2011 Jaguar XFR is a hell of a good choice!


Okay, I admit that the price and mileage (I averaged 15 mpg driving like a schmuck) are steep. This is not a car for everyone and there are options that are faster – like the kick-ass Cadillac CTS-V – but that’s not the point. You see folks, this is a JAGUAR and that means something. There is more here than performance and image – there is personality.

I mean, god bless Jaguar, they are the ONLY car company who build soul into everything they sell. It’s an intangible spirit of the beast that makes you feel special whether you’re driving the base model ($52,500) XF or this magnificent XFR. It reminds you that cars can have passion and that imperfection can be attractive.

The bottom line is: get this Jaguar if you can. If you can’t – rob a bank.

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