Old or new cars: Which are faster?


Are new cars getting faster? We decide to find out by drag racing three generations of the same car.

In this “just for fun” video we take three similar Audis with quattro all-wheel-drive, and put them to the nose to tush drag race test.

What’s the fastest Audi A6 Quattro? Is it the 2000 twin turbocharged A6, or perhaps the next generation 2005 normally aspirated A6, or is it the brand new and supercharged 2012 A6 Quattro?

Just for fun we decided to find out by drag racing the last three generations of the Audi A6 Quattro in our TFLcar Nose to Tush Drag Race.

Check out to see how your favorite Audi A6 did in the video below.

BTW: Nathan shows up with a surprise at the end of the video that you’ll want to see.

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