And the most SEMA modified Lexus of all is the…


It seems strange but car tuners have a thing for the Lexus CT200h.

The newest little Lexus hybrid that is the darling of car of the Florida retirement communities (it is the cheapest new Lexus after all) is also all the rage with tuners that strut their stuff at SEMA.

Take for instance this CT 200h by Five Axis.

As you can probably tell by the photo Five Axis CT 200h is lowered and riding on 19 inch wheels and has a custom paint job. That’s all pretty standard stuff for SEMA.

But why stop with just the cosmetics?

At the New York Auto show we had a chance to  see a customized CT 200h that proves a hybrid doesn’t have to be slow to be fuel efficient.

Check out this Fox Marketing customized and supercharged Lexus CT 200h Hybrid (see video below) that easily gets over 300 HP and what’s even more amazing…better fuel economy that the factory car.

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