2012 Jaguar XJ’s top speed jumps from 155 mph to 174 mph


174 mph…that’s very fast and perhaps only doable (legally) on the German Autobahn, but that’s also the new top speed of the very luxurious 2012 Jaguar XJ with the Sport and Speed Package.

The new for 2012 XJ Speed Package includes:

– aerodynamic splitter beneath front bumper

– aerodynamic splitter at the rear lip spoiler

– black mesh finish to the front grill

– red-painted brake calipers

– 20-inch wheels

These are small changes so we suspect that the 2011 version of the big cat is most likely also capable of the higher top speeds but the company raised the car’s 2012 speed limiter to 174 mph as part of the Sport and Speed Package.

Check out our recent 0 to 60 mph video review of the 2011 Jaguar XJ below as we see how fast the most luxurious Jaguar of them all will reach 60 miles per hour.

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