The 7th Volkswagen Golf – Going for the Gold once again

Volkswagen Golf mk7 front
2014 Volkswagen Golf Mk7 – front view

The 7th generation (Mk7) of the Volkswagen Golf, one of the most successful nameplates in automotive history, was unveiled in Berlin today.  This story began more than 38 years ago in May of 1974, when Volkswagen was looking to produce a follow-up to the Beetle.  How do you follow up on a small, reliable, practical, and wildly popular car for the people?  In Volkswagen’s case the answer was – make the Golf, or Rabbit as it was also called.  And so, the fun little hatch was born.  To date, the Golf has sold nearly 30 million units around the world, so I guess you can say that they accomplished the goal of making a successful successor to the Beetle.

Today, Volkswagen is once again looking to the future.  They are looking to utilize the new MQB modular architecture to increase the size, cut the weight, cut the costs, and improve the 7th generation car in every possible way.  This latest version is 2.2 inches longer than the outgoing 6th generation car, and most of this additional size once again goes to the second row occupants.  The car also lost 220 lbs in its latest incarnation, which is great news for all efficiency and performance enthusiasts.

Volkswagen Golf mk7 rear
2014 Volkswagen Golf Mk7 – rear view

The design is the work of Walter da Silva and the looks are more evolutionary, restrained, and classy.  Why mess with success?   However, no detail was left untouched.  From the distance, there is no mistaking that this is a new generation, yet the silhouette is undoubtedly Golf and harkens back to the angular lines of the 3rd and 4th generations.

The updates continue to the interior as well.  The look is very familiar but further refined and more upscale.  Most obvious updates include the reshaped steering wheel, center air vents, and the center stack.  The model pictured here is the European version.  The North American car is likely to have fewer luxurious options and will be unveiled closer to its launch.

Volkswagen Golf mk7 interior
2014 Volkswagen Golf Mk7 – interior view

The new 7th generation Golf is expected to hit United States in early 2014 and the pricing will be announced closer to launch.  The GTI, Golf R and other variants will follow.  Volkswagen hopes that this car is what helps it become the worlds biggest automaker by 2018.

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