2012 BMW 328i, A Rental That Is Fun To Drive

BMW Luxury Line For Rent

That’s right — recently, BMW North America made the 2012 BMW 328i available through their new BMW on Demand USA service. No longer will you have to succumb to renting a boring, run-of-the-mill fleet vehicle. Here’s how it works:

If you live — or are going to be visiting — the New York Tri-State area, you simply go online to reserve a car. You’ll get the bimmer for four days with the current promotion they are running, called Fall Weekend Specials (four days for the price of one). The rental price of $350 includes unlimited mileage, insurance coverage and — wait for  it — even an E-ZPass transponder to keep tollbooth gremlins at bay.

Personally, I wish more manufacturers would do something like this. If you’re heavily considering getting a BMW 328i, this could help you make a more confident decision, as you’d be able to live with the car for four days. Take it grocery shopping, go to the mall, and even drive the route you’d commute to work.

Additionally, short term premium rental services like this could make a romantic getaway even a little more special  — who wouldn’t want to have a rental car that doesn’t look like another white lunch pail? No one I know says, “We had a great time driving through the Poconos in our white Chevy Lumina — it was so romantic!”

2012 BMW 328i

For full details and all that stuff, just google BMW on Demand and watch next month’s utility bill money fly out of your checking account.

If you’d rather drive the BMW 335i for four days, it isn’t a part of the BMW on Demand promotion. You’ll just have to watch this review of the 335i over and over again.

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