• 2013 HEMI Ram 1500: Top 3 Unexpected Surprises

    ram 1500 2013
    2013 Ram 1500 surprises

    The brand new 2013 Ram1500 Express Quad Cab 4X4 with the HEMI 5.7 liter engine offers a lot of value for just over $36,000. USD. This is an unexpected price that gives you some of the most popular components consumers desire while removing any fluff from the package. Simply put,  you get a quad-cab, 4X4 with a HEMI for single cab,  2WD pricing.

    We have had the good fortune to sample other Ram 1500s at various events sponsored by Ram.

    Looks are deceiving as there are a lot of changes to the 2013 Ram. Visual changes take time to find and are mostly aerodynamic. A majority of notable changes took place under the skin.  There is a lot of capability and mass to this heavily revised machine.

    But what’s is it like to live with the new pick-up?

    We spend a week driving and getting to know the vehicles that we review and sometimes we discover some unexpected surprises.

    Here are the top three unexpected surprises of the new 2013 Ram1500.

    Editor’s note: We used the 2013 Ram1500 Express Quad Cab 4X4 as a grocery runner, taxi cab and used it to haul a motorcycle. It did everything we asked it to do with aplomb and we were impressed at its overall capability.


    Roman Mica
    Roman Mica
    Roman Mica is a publisher, columnist, journalist, and author, who spent his early years driving fast on the German autobahn. When he’s not reviewing cars or producing videos, you can find him training for triathlons and writing about endurance sports for EverymanTri.com as our sister blog’s publisher. Mica is a former broadcast reporter with his Master’s Degree in journalism from Northwestern University. He is also a presenter for TFLcar’s very popular video review channels on YouTube.

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