Photo of the day: A supercar three million dollar parking lot

What to call this….how about the GDP of a small country?

This is a true supercar test (and perhaps pleasure) for any car enthusiast.

This photo of supercars was taken at Chateau de la Treyne in rural Bordeaux, France this weekend by Peter Alexander.

Can you name all of the cars in the photo starting from the top and going down the image.?

This is not easy….so impress us in the comments below.


Yes, this location makes a fine backdrop for some of the world’s most sought after supercars. But, what about the location? With records dating back to 1342, Chateau de la Treyne is one of the most sought out and desired locations in France.

Here’s a tidbit on Chateau de la Treyne: “Overhanging the Dordogne, the castle (XIVth and XVIIth century) combines the authenticity of past, the stamp of comfort and the highest quality standard of a listed site..

The French formal garden is surrounded by 120 hectares of forest.

Philippe and Stéphanie Gombert handle the art of living to perfection: rich and refined bedrooms, breakfast in the shade of ancient cedars, diner in the Louis XIII lounge or on the terrace overlooking the river.” – Chateau de la Treyne