Snark Review: These Super Bowl Car Ads Smell

It’s Super Bowl XLVII time, which means some catchy commercials that brands have paid millions of dollars to run for a few seconds will be making their television debut. Due to the power of social media, you can preview pretty much all of the expensive adverts ahead of the big game — thanks YouTube.

With The Fast Lane Car being an automotive site, it only makes sense to put together a list of some of the car commercials.  Being that I have a throbbing headache and miserable chest cold, I think it also only makes sense that this list contain commercials that could’ve used some rethinking — or never should be run. Hey, whoever said, “misery loves company” was right.

The lamer commercial themes vary from avoiding menacing obstacles to drive behind (Hyundai Sonata Turbo), to taking pot shots at the likes of Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW (Hyundai Genesis R-Spec), to granting genie wishes to a milk-and-toast family (Toyota RAV4).

Yes, the commercials are weak, which is such a shame since the cars they represent are so great for the money. Perhaps I’m just yearning for something on the level of the VW Darth Vader advert from 2011.

Is there a car commercial that you really like? Hate? Sound off in the comments!