Off-Road Review: 2013 Range Rover Sport – Taking Fancy Shoes Into the Dirt

2013 range rover sport off-road

The 2013 Range Rover Sport HSE is a favorite ride of many of the house wives of reality show fame. But we wanted to know if this posh ride is capable of taking on the hills and mountains of Colorado and not just the hills of Beverly. So naturally, in another fun and informative TFLcar video review, we took the 2013 Range Rover Sport off-road and got it good and dirty. How did this stylish British ride do when the road turned dusty, rocky and rough? Can those fancy 20 inch rims handle a bit of dirt?  Check out this off-road video review to see a vehicle usually spotted in shopping center malls getting a bit of bashing in the Colorado Rockies.

Range Rover is unveiling the new 2014 Range Rover Sport at the 2013 New York Auto Show.  Please check our coverage of the NY Auto Show for lots more on the latest Rover and many other vehicles.

Andre Smirnov
Andre Smirnov

Andre Smirnov is a life-long automotive enthusiast, software engineer, writer, and reporter. He has been writing and reporting at TFLcar since 2011. When not working or spending time with the family – you can find him tinkering in the garage or scouring the internet and other media for various automotive, mechanical, and computer related information.