Video: Watch BBC Top Gear Season 19 Episode 6 as the boys go to Africa Again

Top Gear Africa Special Part 1
Top Gear Africa Special Part 1

The BBC car series Top Gear goes back to Africa with Season 19 Episode 6.

In this newest episode Jeremy, Richard and James go back to Africa to try to find the source of the Nile River

They are all given about $2500 USD to purchase a used car to go exploring.

Jeremy shows up in a BMW station wagon…or do you say estate?

Richard buys a AWD Subaru, and James decides that an old Volvo 850R is the way to go exploring in Africa.

Which is the best of these cars for Africa? You can watch the part 1 of the entire road trip of Season 19 Episode 6 below as the boys take on the sub continent in another fun and wild Africa Special.

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Top Gear Africa Special 19×06