POV Warning: Driving in India can be hazardous to your health

Driving in India
Driving in India

Driving in India can be a hazardous to your health unless you know how to use the horn.

In India cars share the road with cows, trucks, buses, monkeys, cyclists, motorcycles and water buffalo…to name just a few of the obstacles that drivers must to avoid on a average Indian road.

You might think that this video was taken in rural India…if so you would be wrong.

This video was shot just a few kilometers outside of Agra, India which is also the home the famous Taj Mahal.

Perhaps the most important safety device that you must have on a vehicle while driving in India is the horn.

Just take a look at the POV video below to get a real idea of what drivers face on a daily basis in one of the populace countries in the world.