Stunning BMW X4 Concept Previews Future of BMW Design

bmw x4 concept head light

BMW’s model range continues to grow and this is the next child, the BMW X4 Concept.  The X4 does to the X3, what X6 did for the X5.  It’s a sleeker, coupe-like, sport utility, crossover thing.  BMW calls it the “Sport Activity Coupe” or SAC for short.   It sure is stylish.  This X4 Concept has about the same exterior dimensions as the production X3.  It’s exact same length and wheel base, but about an inch wider and an inch lower.  The roof line quickly slopes down towards the rear, but this is the price you have to pay for high style.  Also expect to pay a premium for the X4 over the X3.

The X4 will be officially unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show this fall.  The production model will likely use the same drivetrain as the X3, but an ActiveHybrid model is also a possibility.  This means we can expect a 240 hp X4 xDrive28i and a 300 hp X4 xDrive35i.

bmw x4 concept grill

This concept also offers a good look at the BMW future design language.  I am very impressed.  The front end looks elegant and powerful, and a hundred times better than the current X3.  This concept is sporting all new and all LED front and rear lights.  And just look at those side mirrors!  Wow!  (See gallery below)  Also, check out those creases on the side.  Very sharp!  This concept looks production ready, and really hope it loses nothing in the translation to production.  Great job BMW!

Please enjoy this fun TFLcar video review of the 2013 BMW X1:

Andre Smirnov
Andre Smirnov

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