Mashup: 2013 Tesla Model S vs. 2013 Audi S8 0-60 MPH – Electricity takes on Gas

2013 tesla model s audi s8 0-60 mashup

The 2013 Tesla Model S is a game changer in the world of cars. Not only is it completely electric, but it can go up to 300 Miles on a complete charge. The 2013 Tesla Model is also luxurious, elegant, stylish, and expensive. The 2013 Audi S8 is all of those things and more. It is more luxurious, more powerful (520 HP and 481 lb-ft), and perhaps even faster. Or is it? We decided to find out in another fun and informative mile high 0-60 MPH TFLcar Mashup review. The Audi has more horsepower and torque on paper but at a mile above sea level the equation tends to level out as the Tesla Model S is not effected by the lower air density. So which one is faster to 60 MPH at the foot of the Colorado Rocky Mountains?

Watch the video and find out.  Also, stay tuned for more in depth reviews of each of these luxurious flagships.


Andre Smirnov
Andre Smirnov

Andre Smirnov is a life-long automotive enthusiast, writer, reporter, and software engineer. He has been a contributor at TFLcar since 2011. When not working or spending time with the family – you can find him tinkering in the garage or simply ‘going for a drive’.