Epic Trip: Leg #1 of Untold Story of Tatra – Prague to Pebble or Bust

untold story of tatra prague pebble beach documentary

The epic Untold Story of Tatra journey begins when the TFL team flies from Denver, Colorado to Munich, Germany.  The driving portion begins as the team drives a support vehicle from Munich to Prague, Czech Republic by the way of Regensburg.  Here the journey goes via the Autobahn system A8/A9/A93 and Czech E50 highway to see how fast we can push our support vehicle.

What the support vehicle will be has not yet been determined.  The goal of this 381 km (237 mile) trip is to arrive in Prague, so that we can see the Tatra for the first time.  This Leg #1 should take under four hours to complete, not counting any stops.

You can help this documentary project by making a pledge at Untold Story of Tatra kickstarter page.  You can get a number of different rewards , and even join the TFL team in person.

Also, here is our local Tatra Project Page.