Epic Trip: Nearly 5,000 miles behind this Tatra steering wheel

1968 tatra 603 interior trip pebble beachHere is the interior of the 1968 Tatra 603 we plan to purchase. If you look closely, you will see that it has no radio. This is going to be a long silent drive.  Nonetheless, the Tatra steering wheel is in very good condition and should serve well for the nearly 5,000 mile trip.

Thanks to our 27 backers who have now pledged over $1,100.00 for this epic Prague to Pebble or Bust documentary video series. We’re so thankful and grateful to have such a supportive community of automobile enthusiast.  The goal of this project is to tell the generally unknown story of the Tatra.  Without Tatra, there may not have been a Volkswagen Beetle or Porsche 911.

Thanks to everyone who has backed the entire TFLcar team.

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We just posted the first leg of the European part of the trip. The plan is to fly to Munich and visit the BMW Museum on Day 1 and of course post a video feature from the newly constructed BMW Museum. After which we head to Prague and test out the top speed of our support vehicle on the Autobahn from Munich to Regensburg and post another video report.

We don’t know what our support vehicle will be, but we plan to find out just how fast it is from 0-top speed and take you along for the blast down the autobahn. There are limited places where a car can go all out in Germany but the Autobahn from Munich to Regensburg is one such road. Plus the highway goes right by Dingofing, German which is where BMW builds the 5 series.

Perhaps we can get up close and personal with the BMW factory, and bring you exclusive video access to the home of the popular German luxury sedan?