Jaguar Takes a Bite Out Of Mercedes-Benz In This Parody Commercial

2013 jaguar xj awd 2014 supercharged

Jaguar is taking a great big bit out of Mercedes-Benz in this parody of an ad for the S-Class that came out last fall.

The original ad released by Mercedes-Benz was, interesting, in its own right. That ad featured a chicken. Yup. Just a regular, old chicken in all its feathered glory. Said chicken is being held by a pair of gloved hands that gently wiggle it around a bit showing that its head always stays nicely centered no matter how its body moves.

The idea was to show the similarity to the Magic Body Control found in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. It’s a feature that has a camera built into the vehicle that detect the road surface out ahead of the car. The camera can detect the smallest of changes in the road surface. The car then automatically adjusts the its suspension to best handle the bumps ahead giving an exceptionally smooth ride. It’s a very clever and fun commercial and it’ll make you laugh.

Now, along comes Jaguar and another commercial with a pair of gloved hands holding a remarkably similar chicken. There’s a guy in a white lab coat this time and he’s really getting pretty groovy as he again shows off how a chicken’s head stays put as its body wiggles around. But this is most definitely not a Mercedes-Benz commercial as we’ll learn by the end.

There are actually a few things to be learned from this ad. First, Jaguar has a healthy sense of humor and isn’t afraid to poke fun at its competitors. Second, if you aren’t careful with your cute little brown chicken and there happens to be a hungry Jaguar in the room, then there’s likely to be a problem.

Here’s the original commercial from Mercedes-Benz…

And Jaguar’s parody of the original…

And here’s the real thing, eating up the roads of Colorado. No, not the cat, the 2014 Jaguar XJL vs the Lexus LS460.

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