News: BMW to Release 760Li M Bi-Turbo for Middle East Market


BMW surprised the automotive world this week with the introduction of an even more exclusive variant of the 7-series, the 760Li M Bi-Turbo. Based on the standard 760Li available in North America, this special edition 7-series will be available only in the Middle Eastern market — American M enthusiasts, catch your breath.

The 760Li M Bi-Turbo will wear much of the same running gear as the standard 760Li. The 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged V12 remains, routing 544 horsepower and 553 lb.-ft. of torque to the rear tires through the familiar 8-speed ZF automatic transmission. The 0-60 time remains a scant 4.6 seconds, very impressive for such a long and luxurious limousine.


Cosmetically, however, is where this 760Li M Bi-Turbo differentiates itself from the standard 760Li. Eight exclusive colors, including the Monte Carlo Blue and Imola Red in the photos above, will be available on this exclusive 7-series, as will special 19 or 20-inch M sport alloys. Most controversial, however, is that this 760Li will wear a series of M badges on the fenders and trunklid, making the 760Li M Bi-Turbo the closest BMW has ever gotten to an M7.

Interesting, too, is this 7-series’ exclusive interior. All M Bi-Turbo variants will have a full Oyster Nappa leather interior, providing a very classic interior color scheme. Buyers will have a choice between blue, red, orange, or black contrast stitching on all leather surfaces. Understated piano black wood trim and “V12” stitching on the headrests completes the exclusive feel.


With the Audi S8 already garnering significant praise and the super-advanced Mercedes S63/65 AMG on the way, this pseudo-M7 could give us a glimpse into an M-spec replacement for the Alpina B7. Though the B7 has performance and luxury to spare, its significant curb weight and uncommunicative steering have led many to question its fulfillment of the “ultimate driving machine” slogan. With a bit more tuning to the 6.0-liter V12 and a custom body kit, we could very well see an official M7 in the near future.

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