Škoda VisionC Concept To Make Geneva Debut

Skoda VisionC Concept Side

Škoda is aiming to reinvigorate the brand with the introduction of the slick new Škoda VisionC concept. The car is set to be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March and you have to admit that the thing looks damn interesting.

Once you get past the very bright, very Green Lantern-esque color, it really is a good-looking car. The Czech automaker is billing the Škoda VisionC concept as the first step in renewing and expanding its model range in a whole new direction. It’s not just a concept for a possible new production model, but the start of an effort that they promise will introduce a new design angle for future Škoda vehicles.

Skoda VisionC Concept Front

It starts out by being the first ever five-door coupe for Škoda and continues with lines that are more reminiscent of an Audi than of the usually practical Škoda. It’s powered by a 1.4-liter turbo that can run on either traditional gasoline or compressed natural gas.

That flex-fuel engine will give you just 109 horsepower, but on the plus side it meets EU emissions standards that aren’t set to be enforced until the year 2020. The flex-fuel engine along with low weight and optimized aerodynamics work together to meet those future standards today.

Skoda VisionC Concept Rear

Being a concept, it’s not likely you’ll see a production version of the Škoda VisionC, but you will see elements of its design cropping up in other Škoda vehicles. And sadly, this is just another foreign brand that we can’t get at all on American shores.

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