2014 BMW 435i xDrive 0-60 MPH and Review [video]

2014 bmw 435i 435 xdrive video 0-60

The 2014 BMW 435i xDrive is a brand new car, a two-door that splits the difference between the 3 and 5 series.  It is certainly fast, it is certainly sexy, but is it worth the extra dollars over a very similarly equipped BMW 335i?  This coupe has the 300 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque turbocharged I6 engine that fans around the globe have come to know and love.  It has the 8-speed automatic transmission, M Sport package, and enough other options to push the price far in the $60K range.

In another accurate, fun and informative TFLcar review – Nathan and Roman drive and review the newest BMW and find out just how fast it will go from 0-60 MPH at a mile above sea level.  The 435i xDrive also gets the TFLcar rating.

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