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    Skoda 1000 MB is a happy little car from Czechoslovakia and it is now celebrating its 50th birthday.  This model had a successful five year run and brought affordable motoring to 443,156 owners around the globe.  It was introduced in 1964.  The 1000 stands for the displacement of the engine.  The 1.0-liter (or 988 cc) was special due to its die-cast aluminum production method.  In fact, the engine and the 4-speed manual transmission were produced the same way to save weight and time.  The “MB” stands for Mladá Boleslav, the city where the car was produced.

    1964 skoda 1000 mb engine mbx

    The water-cooled OHV four-cylinder engine was placed behind the rear axle and produced 37 hp in the original spec.  Skoda says it was enough to push the 1,664 lbs sedan to a top speed of 74 mph.  The engine was upgraded to 43 hp for the 1968 model year.

    There was also a two-door coupe version of the MB, called the MBX De Luxe.  It was produced in low numbers, and is now very desirable among collectors.  Note that there was a 1100 MBX De Luxe model with a larger 1,107 cc engine and 52 horsepower.  That is the one to find!

    skoda mb mbx production numbers
    A little treat for the collectors

    Does this Skoda remind you of any other Czechoslovakian rear-engined and rear wheel drive cars?  How about the 1968 Tatra 603, which TFLcar plans to drive from Prague to Pebble Beach this summer.  Of course, the Tatra is a much bigger car.

    Take a look at this 1964 Skoda 1000 MB promotional video!


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    1. The video was hilarious, I never knew they promoted the vehicle for its ruggedness & off-road capabilities. That was my dad’s last car before leaving in 68′.

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