• Prague to Pebble or Bust: The Tatra Sets Sail [Video]

    Prague to Pebble
    The Tatra 603 Sets Sail

    The Tatra 603 continues it’s journey across Europe towards its date with a trans-Atlantic boat. In this installment, Roman and the Tatra visit the Volkswagen Autostadt in Wolfsburg and takes us all on the factory tour. The Tatra even left a little bit of itself (in the form of engine oil) behind as a stain on the parking lot at the hotel.

    After leaving the hotel we encounter traffic on the Autobahn on our way to catch the boat ride. The Tatra 603 doesn’t like sitting in traffic all that much. It’s much happier at highway speed.

    Will Roman make it in time to catch the boat so that the Tatra 603 makes it to its date with destiny? Watch on and find out! Be sure to check out all of our #Prague2PebbleorBust coverage here on TFLcar!

    Chad Kirchner

    Chad Kirchner is a freelance automotive journalist with a sincere passion for the industry and helping people. He’s a member of the Midwest Automotive Media Association and the Texas Auto Writers Association. When not writing about the latest automotive news or vehicles, you can catch him at car shows around the country. Be sure to check him out on social media, including Google+ and Twitter.


    Roman Mica
    Roman Mica
    Roman Mica is a publisher, columnist, journalist, and author, who spent his early years driving fast on the German autobahn. When he’s not reviewing cars or producing videos, you can find him training for triathlons and writing about endurance sports for EverymanTri.com as our sister blog’s publisher. Mica is a former broadcast reporter with his Master’s Degree in journalism from Northwestern University. He is also a presenter for TFLcar’s very popular video review channels on YouTube.

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    One thought on “Prague to Pebble or Bust: The Tatra Sets Sail [Video]

    1. Hey guys!

      This is Björn from germany, honestly one of your biggest german fans who decided about one year ago to watch your latest videos nearly every day. I found you, when I was looking for rental car reviews as I went to to western US last year… Even if it is for sure not allowed… I liked the off road reviews very much as I wanted to to the white rim trail in Moab, where you’ve been a few weeks ago…

      Now here comes the funny thing! I for sure also followed Prague to Pebble and in this video you obviously left the german Autobahn due to a traffic jam exactly where I come from! 😉 (4 miles away).

      Thought that was a good reason to send you best wishes from Schwarmstedt in Germany and I hope you’ll do such a great job in future, too!

      In 78 days, i am going to do my 2014 Trip to Utah (counting days since 246;-) and hopefully get one of those 2015 Tahoes as I rented full size SUV this time 😉
      Ok… so have a nice week and If I will go to colorado next year (there already are plans) I am going to visit you for a cup of coffee! 😉

      best regards
      Björn Dangers (Yes, that is my last name….)

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