Here’s a taste of TFL Monterey Week!

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Amid the posh, almost cliche bourgeois of the Pebble Beach week in Monterey, CA – a gem known as TFL Monterey Week has emerged. With TFLCar cruising the peninsula, we bring the funk. The TFL Monterey Week series covers some of the most notable events happening over the week of special events happening in Monterey, CA (with one minor exception).

Highlights of TFL Monterey Week include:

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The Concourse d’Lemons – (think of it as the antithesis to the condescension of ‘other’ Concourses). The Concourse d’Lemons beckons real car aficionados who have a deep, personal connection with seriously funky machines. Cars are judged by partially blinded officials who encourage unique forms of bribery along with the worst examples of motordom possible. No, not ruined cars that enter the event on fire, (although that may have happened in the recent past). These cars are odd-balls, losers, ugly, ungainly, poorly built have bad reputations and/or are too bizarre to be hidden in a garage.

photo 2 (37)Look for the TFL Monterey Week coverage of this awesome car show soon. Fun, funky and fabulous people at this one. We highly recommend checking out the Concourse d’Lemons if you get tired of the pretense of Monterey. There’s a whole lotta rhythm going round.

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Jaguar/Land Rover unveiling party – (the introduction of the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight, Jaguar Project 7 and the Range Rover Sport SVR). The TFL Monterey Week series kicks off with the Jaguar/Land Rover unveiling party at Pebble Beach in Monterey, CA. Both Jaguars will be in limited production with the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight being a six-car run and the Jaguar Project 7 (for seven wins at 24 Hours of Le Mans).

The Range Rover Sport SVR is the first of the SVR series (think: BMW “M” or “AMG) and represents one of the most powerful Ranger Rovers – ever.

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Legends of the Autobahn – (BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and NSU are but a few who participate in this show.) Cars from all over Germany participated – except for Porsche and Volkswagen… and a few others. Still, the automakers that were in attendance were outstanding. This was a serious event that showcased some of the best examples of highly collectable German automobiles. TFL Monterey Week was invited to this amazing event and we soaked up the German-ness while meeting terrific people.

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Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca – We visit Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca to get a taste of the best historic racing in the world. Seriously, some of these vehicles are worth millions. Mazda was gracious enough to invite us to view the race and have an amazing dinner with them that evening. It was a hell of a good show.

tatra 603Finally: we cap-off the Prague to Pebble event by ending up in Monterey with our 1968 Tatra 603. It was an amazing and challenging experience. Our little-(ish) Tatra proved to be a great traveling companion. Check out our final videos to see how it all ended!

Here’s our preview of TFL Monterey Week on video!

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