The 2015 BMW M4 is too much car for you and me [First Impressions]

2015 BMW M4

If you think that driving a 2015 BMW M4 is a breeze, if you think it drives like a two-door 5-Series – you’ve been nipping at the wrong schnaps baby. The BMW M4 is a beast, it a swaggering blunderbuss of a BMW and it loves to shred tight corners.

Power comes from a twin-turbocharged 425 horsepower I6 that makes 406 lbs-feet of torque WAY down at 1,850 rpm. Maximum horsepower comes at 7300 rpm and by the time you get there, the 2015 BMW M4 sounds like an IMSA race car. There is a bypass valve that opens when your right foot gets serious. I hear the six-speed manual transmission is magic and I look forward to trying it, especially after feeling unloved by the seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission.


It’s great for hauling ass, but it’s clunky and slow when used during a commute. In fact: I blame my recent speeding ticket on this transmission. I was so irked by the all-or-nothing transmission settings that I launched too quickly from a stoplight and was nailed. It didn’t help that my 2015 BMW M4 was painted Austin Yellow Metallic– which can be seen from space.

It was, indeed, my fault and I even apologized to the officer (who despised me as I appeared to be a member of the 1%). Still, if I had not been out accelerated by a Geo Metro two lights back, I would have laid off the accelerator. At first you think its the engine suffering from SAAB-like lag, but it’s the transmission easing you into gear that takes so long. Chose a more aggressive “Sport” setting and you’ll launch like lightning. There’s no in-between mode. Bummer.


I do like having more shoulder room than in the 3-Series, but that’s the only real benefit to the M4 over the old M3 two-door in terms of daily driving.

Any form of criticism immediately abates as you get on with the program and flog the 2014 BMW M4. It roars as you shove it through a corner and spits on sing-song sunshine-loving hybrids as you scream past. The harder you go, the better it drives – it’s just that simple and it’s just that magnificent.

BMW M4 int 1
Sure, I’ve average 16 mpg and cops can see my magic glow from quite a distance. Yes, the transmission is wonky and over-complicated (there is no “P” for park – you leave it in gear and shut it off to park…Germans…). Au, but once you open it up, you are in autonirvana. That’s what it is to drive a true “M” car and this may be one of the best of the current crop.

BMW removed a lot of weight by adding a lot of carbon fiber. It’s everywhere; the roof, decklid, driveshaft – hell, even the strut-brace is a sculpted carbon-fiber component. Very impressive. Despite their need for lightness, BMW did a spectacular job on the interior. Not a shred of carbon-fiber to be found, just lovely bits of metal, plastic and leather. I hate carbon-fiber interiors – real or fake. BMW’s interior rivals the Audi S5’s which is saying something.

BMW M4 2015 Int 2
Thus far, iDrive seems to be getting easier to use. Is that because I’ve used so many – or is this a better update? I’m not too sure. I do know that the overall driving comfort is a tad rough even in “Comfort” mode. It’s stiff, but never bouncy. This car is happiest on a smooth ribbon of road, and so is the driver.

I am still getting used to the rest of this $86,200 (it bases in the mid $60,000 range) 2015, BMW M4. That hefty price comes from additions like the $8,000 + carbon-ceramic brakes (which are kind of grabby) and ridiculous sums of money for every other option. Still, you feel the investment and never feel inferior to any automobile that pulls up next to you.


What a great machine.

I just wish I could try the six-speed manual.

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