1970 Dodge Challenger: Can You Guess the Motor? [Gallery]

1970, dodge, challenger, v8
Hint: not a stock hood.

This is actually a trick question as this 1970 Dodge Challenger has been modified slightly visually and mechanically. However, it still has the original motor and can be returned to full stock trim without a huge amount of effort. Can you guess which motor this classic muscle car is packing and what was the original horsepower rating?

1970, dodge, challenger, v8, rear, tail, exhaust
Hint: exhaust system is not stock.

Please focus on the 1970 Challenger – the 2015 model in the background will be featured soon.

1970, dodge, challenger, v8, engine, motor, carburator
Hint: not a stock carburetor/intake setup.

Where were no fewer than nine distinct V8 – carburetor combinations. So, the question really is, which V8 is this? What’s the displacement and stock power rating?

1970, dodge, challenger, interior, dash, seats

The interior on this Challenger is mostly stock (except the steering wheel). Just look at the nice restoration job here!

1970, dodge, challenger, gauges, stock

There is a cool design detail in the speedometer. What do you notice about the “110” and “120” mph?

The original Dodge Challenger is one of the American muscle car icons. The car still turns more heads on the street than most of the new cars.

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