TFLcar’s Top 10 Spooky Halloween Car Flicks (10 and 9)

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I may fill-up a gooey cauldron gushing with Halloween car flicks in this countdown, but I will miss a few. Over the years, Halloween-ish car flicks have taken off. Some, like Freeway, have less to do with automobile and more to do with the location, while others are squarely set on the evil vehicle.

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10. Joy Ride

Paul Walker starred in this 2001 suspense/horror film that reeks of “Duel” and “The Hitcher” intertwined with modern, often entertaining dialogue.

Here’s the premise: A cruel CB joke (seriously, who uses CB now?) goes awry leading to horrific consequences. This film is more suspense than gore, but it still holds up over time. There are some great scenes mixed with sadistic stuff, and some great one liners from Steve Zahn.

Look people, don’t evermess with truckers!

Freeway film
9. Freeway

This 1996 little gem fell off the radar but, it’s a cult classic. One of the first big roles for Reese Witherspoon, this is a rather unusual take on “Little Red Ridding Hood.”

Here’s the premise: Kiefer Sutherland plays the sadistic pedofile / big bad wolf, (his name is Bob Wolverton – get it!?) and he’s trying to get to Witherspoon’s character as she heads to grandma’s trailer. Many of the pivotal scenes take place in cars and the trailer. Mix a better-than-you-might-think story together with the title and you have a horrific flick good enough for an awesome Halloween-ish car-flick night.

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Yes, yes, YES – “Maximum Overdrive” IS on the list!

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