Prototype Hunting: Is this the 2017 Chrysler Town and Country?

Is this the 2017 Chrysler Town and Country?
Is this the 2017 Chrysler Town and Country?

The Dodge Grand Caravan may be history, but according to Chrysler, there will still be an all-new 2017 Chrysler Town and Country.  Long live the minivan!

Minivans may not have the panache of a family-friendly SUV, but hey, with tons of kiddos and gear, nothing can ever replace the feeling of captain’s chairs, a bajillion cupholders, and a limitless sea of crevasses in which to drop french fries or hide your little sister’s stuff.

TFLcar reader “Bryce” sent in these spy shots of what he (and we) believe is the 2017 Chrysler Town and Country testing on a freeway near Battle Creek, Michigan.  This would only be appropriate since the old Kellogg’s cereal factory used to be in Battle Creek.  Maybe the engineers got the mid-trip munchies on their testing slog.

Unknown 2

Either way, hat tip to Bryce!  We can’t wait to see what the future of Fiat Chrysler America’s luxurious minivan brand will bring.  4G LTE connectivity?  Cooled storage compartments?  Even crazier seat stowage options?  More french fry holders?

What do you think?  How would Chrysler’s newest minivan need to look, or what would it need to have, in order to garner your consideration?  Let us know in the comments section below!

Check out this fun TFLcar video of the Dodge Caravan.