2016 BMW 7-Series Caught in the Wild [Spied]

2016 bmw 7-series prototype caught in the wild of california
2016 BMW 7-Series prototype (by Chris Malloy)

The next generation BMW 7-series is just around the corner. BMW has started to drop teasers of the latest flagship. Now, a TFLcar reader caught this prototype running around southern California.

The next 7-Series will let the driver to get out of the car and park it via remote control. This is not unlike how James Bond would park and did park his BMW. The driver controls the parking process via a key fob that includes an LCD screen.

(provided by Chris Malloy)

The next generation infotainment system will feature gesture control, touch-screen navigation, and improved voice control.

The structure of the new 7-series will use a heavy doze of light-weight carbon fiber material. As an example, the a-pillar and roof rails are reinforced by carbon fiber.

Here is a spy video of the BMW 7-Series competitor, the 2016 Cadillac CT6 AWD prototype.

Editor’s Note: A huge thanks to Chris Malloy who was fast on the draw and managed to capture this new BMW with his mobile phone on video. Thanks for sending it to us Chris. You rock!