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    2015 jeep motor mountain usa epic road trip adventure
    Motor Mountain USA: progress map

    The Motor Mountain USA(#MMSUA or #MotorMountainUSA) is the latest epic adventure from TFLcar. You may have followed the internationalĀ Prague to Pebble saga. Motor Mountain USA takes the epic road trip to a whole new level. TFLcar teamed up with the Jeep Corporation and Turtle Wax for an adventure that will touch all 50 states and reach highest drivable elevations via public roads. We are talking about driving nearly 30,000 miles across the great nation! We will reach Alaska and Hawaii. The adventure will be split up into several sections and will take many months to complete. Check the Motor Mountain USA – FAQ section. The next leg of the trip takes us to. Wave to us if you see us!


    June 9th at the Hawkeye Point.


    June 10th at the Eagle Mountain.


    June 11th at the Timms Hill.


    June 11th at the Mount Avron.


    June 12th at the Charles Mound.


    June 13th at the Hoosier Highpoint. Motor Mountain USA team will be at the Vintage Wheels Car Club, 180 Fort Wayne Avenue, Richmond IN.


    June 13th at the Campbell Hill.


    June 15th at the Taum Sauk Mountain.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    1. What do you mean by “This is your chance to get it” ?!! I was there on Memorial day weekend and found the box empty! Has somebody put it back?! Is that a fraud?!

      1. The team will be driving through Illinois between 1pm local time and going south through the state on the way to Indiana. Unfortunately, video production timing is tight. šŸ™

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