Tribute to Justin Wilson [with Video]


Justin Wilson, you will be sorely missed… More information is available.

I’m proud to say Justin Wilson was my friend.

He was also my business partner in an exciting new venture we launched together in 2014 called Ignition Events.

The first time I met Justin was over lunch, and I was immediately impressed by his humble nature.
Here was a guy who had raced and triumphed in premier events around the world, including Formula One. He had won the Formula 3000 World Championship.

Yet, there was no arrogance, no airs or graces; just a really charming, polite man, who showed incredible respect to all he came into contact with.  He combined the manners of an English Lord—think Downton Abbey—with the bravery and skill of a racing knight.Justin was also a shining example to any aspiring race-car driver as to how to carry oneself.  He never uttered a bad word about anyone, never lost his temper. He was lightning fast, but never the idiot in the pack—always the driver to think before he acted.

Justin was a devoted father and husband. He was a great family man who would drive his RV from race to race so that his family could tag along and be right there to support him.

Justin died doing what he loved.  His death, like many that occur in racing, resulted from a freak accident. He did nothing wrong, made no mistake. He just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We are all going to miss you, Justin. I’ll miss our MTB rides in Boulder, our planning meetings in coffee shops, our frustrations and shared laughter. But most of all, sitting beside you in your Porsche, as we blasted our way around, exploring new racetracks and thrilling driving roads together.

– Paul Shippey

I was a little nervous to meet Justin Wilson for the first time at the test track. What do you say to a person you admire as a fan, a racer of this caliber?

Justin made it super easy. He was as down-to-earth as they come. A kind and generous guy who listened patiently and spoke humbly.

You made going fast look so easy!

Justin, your passing is so untimely and unjust.

My heart goes out to your family and friends.

– Andre Smirnov


Here just one video that celebrates Justin’s life. All proceeds from this video will be donated to Justin’s family.