TFL Announces New Motorcycle-Themed Video Series Called Kickstart: Buy/Ride/Sell [Video]

Kickstart: Buy/Ride/Sell
1967 BSA Thunderbolt poses with the TFLtruck 1968 Ford Bronco.

TFL has always celebrated adventure, the Motor Mountain USA and the Prague to Pebble Beach road trips being prime examples.

But sometimes, four wheels are just a few too many. Some adventures call for the feeling that can only come from being on two wheels.

In a new TFL video series called Kickstart: Buy/Ride/Sell, TFL will answer the question of whether it’s possible to buy a classic motorcycle, ride it, and then sell it in 36 hours.

The ride will be a scenic trip through the fall foliage in Colorado, one of the best times to ride a motorcycle in the state. The bike that Roman Mica is riding in the video is a 1967 BSA Thunderbolt.

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For now, check out the preview video below: