Toyota Says Scion-ara with Final Kei Miura-Inspired tC Release Series 10.0 [News]

Scion tC Kei Miura Release Special 10.0

It has been almost 14 years since Scion made its first debut at the New York International Auto Show. So, it is only fitting that Scion ends their auto show career in the same location where it all began. However, the hip Japanese brand will not go out without one last hurrah. On March 16th Scion released information about a final special edition of their most popular car, the tC. In addition to the final special-edition model, Scion will have on display some of their most impressive project cars at the New York International Auto Show documenting the spin-off brand’s short 14-year history.

This new special edition, called the Scion tC Release Series 10.0, has been created in collaboration with Kei Miura. Known for his JDM aerodynamic work, Kei Miura’s influence on the Release Series 10.0 can be seen in the form of a specially designed Kei Miura aero kit which includes a front lip spoiler, rocker panels, rear lower spoiler and a decklid spoiler. In addition to the aerodynamic upgrades, the final tC will have “enhanced performance, and aggressive exterior and interior features” according to Scion’s press release.

These performance enhancements will include TDR performance lowering springs to help achieve quicker turn-in, better cornering, and more steering feel. Also included with the Release Special 10.0 is an upgraded TRD dual exhaust system for a more grunty sound. This special edition tC will be available only in Barcelona Red paint. Providing contrast to the red paint, the RS 10.0 has black-out Scion badges and gloss black alloy wheels.

More of the black and red theme continues inside the car, featuring sporty seat inserts with red accent stitching. The the shift boot, parking brake cover and steering wheel will also receive the red stitching treatment. Red seat belts and a Release Series sequentially numbered badge complete the upgraded interior package.

The tC Release Series 10.0 will be available with a 6-speed manual for $23,190 or you can have a 6-speed sequential automatic transmission with paddle shifters for $24,340. Only 1,200 RS 10.0 tC coupes will be available beginning in June through Scion by Toyota dealerships.

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