Off-Road Honda Accord Replacement, is Datsun Coming to the USA, and Visiting Moab Suggestions? [Ask Nathan]

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In this edition of Ask Nathan:

  • Replacing off-roading Honda Accord?
  • Is Datsun coming to the United States?
  • Visiting Moab, UT – suggestions?


Today’s first question comes from a viewer who is replacing his Honda Accord for an off-road vehicle.

Hey Gang,

My name is Peter L. I have a 2005 Honda Accord and have always taken it places off road It should never go on. This is primarily because I like exploring and camping in the wilderness but don’t have a vehicle that can handle it. I have lived in both Bend, Oregon and now in Tucson, Arizona; two places in which I wished/wish for an off road capable vehicle. Anyway, I am looking to buy a 4 wheel drive vehicle. I like early 2000’s 4runner but I would love all of your opinions; Roman, Nathan and Andre, if this is a good buy, and or, what is a good reliable, fairly cheap to own and maintain off road worthy vehicle for around 6,000$?

Also, keep up the good work. You guys are awesome. Please do more off road reviews. See what an ’05 Accord will do. (more than most people think)


Peter L


A: That’s awesome! I truly enjoy folks who like to trail-blaze in a vehicle that are decidedly not off-road worthy.

Taking your parameters into account, Roman and I agree that the Toyota 4Runner is a smart buy. Despite recommending the Lada Niva, Andre finally came around and agreed with our choice. The Nissan Xterra is a good buy for off-road folk too. They are rugged and very capable, you can get a fairly recent Xterra for around 6K.

You could look at an older Wrangler, but they tend to require more maintenance, especially if they are “well used.”

Bottom line: the 4Runner is a good bet.

Thanks for the email!


If you have any snap shots of your Honda Accord in the dirt, send them our way!

Datsun Go

This next question is from a fan who wants to know if Nissan is considering bringing their discount brand Datsun to the USA.

Q: Hi Nathan,

You’ve mentioned that you like small, inexpensive cars. Me too! I know that Nissan makes some of the cheapest cars in the states, but they lack character and fun. I like what I am seeing in India with Datsun. Small, affordable and fun! How cool would it be to get a new car that’s fun and economical for under $7,000? I think they would sell well. What do you think?
You guys are awesome!

Todd (Mr. Hinky-dink Jr) in Chicago

Datsun GO

A: Thanks for that email Todd!

I’ve mentioned Datsun to a few of the higher ups at Nissan and not a single one was dismissive of the idea, which is encouraging. Usually, they say that if there is a business case to bringing¬†Datsun to the USA, they will look into it.

A friend of mine in Mumbai drove the Datsun Go and truly enjoyed it. He said it was the art of simplicity, a car that is honest and simple yet fun to drive. Some consumers like a vehicle that has returned to the basics.

I think it would be a challenge to build and federalize their Datsuns for North America. Consumers in the U.S demand comfort features like power windows, automatic transmissions (or Nissan’s CVTs), air-conditioning, and electronics, which¬†would be cost prohibitive.


Easter Jeep Safari nature shot of a Jeep traveling through a stunning canyon

The last question comes from a fan who is considering a visit to Moab, Utah.

Q: Hey guys!

Firstly, I love everything about, and enjoy every video adventure you guys go on. Secondly, I was trying to think of places to go for a 4-5 day automotive adventure / road trip. Pacific Coast Highway or Blue Ridge Parkway, maybe, but didn’t fit my timeframe too well. But then I thought, why not Moab, because you guys are always out there testing off-road rigs!

So here’s my question: what kind of things would I do in Moab to get a good experience, as a first time visitor, and a would-like-to-be off roader? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for everything!
– Shazar K
Watching from Long Island, NY

2013 Easter Jeep Safari Preview Video

A: Hi Shazar!

I highly recommend visiting Moab. Not just for the outstanding access to some of the best off-road trails you can find, but it’s a great place to have other adventures too! I also recommend avoiding Moab in the spring. The Easter Jeep Safari and several other events tend to crowd the small town and push prices way up.

I suggest starting small and working your way up day-by-day. Maybe hit a mountain bike trail day one, recover day two with a guided off-road tour and rent an ATV day three. Day four: rent a Jeep and follow an off-road convoy or tour group. It depends on your personal preferences.

Visiting early in the winter or late fall is thew way to go. I recommend using for housing and vacation ideas.

In Moab, Utah you can:

  • Explore Arches National Park
  • Go whitewater rafting/canoe/kayak
  • Explore trails, caves and canyons
  • Rent ATVs
  • Join a Jeep/Hummer tour group
  • Go zip-lining
  • Join a horseback expedition
  • Bike ride (both trails and smooth asphalt for road bike) rental are available too
  • Sky-jump (there is an airport north of town)
  • Join paleontology (zooarchaeology), archaeological and photographic expeditions.
  • Relax
    … and more, and more, and more…

Vacations to Moab can easily be tailored to a family or solitary visitor. I know folks who book a flight into Grand Junction, Colorado, rent a car (it’s only a few hours out of Grand Junction) and stay in Moab for three or four days, finding it an affordable adventure destination.

Keep in mind: some places and activities are closed off season.

Have a great trip and keep us in the loop!


Speaking of Moab, lookie’ here!

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