Clarkson, Hammond and May’s new Amazon show to be called “The Grand Tour”


Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond finally came up with a name for their new Amazon series car show, and it is at the same time underwhelming and brilliant.

Clarkson announced on his Twitter feed that the new show will be called The Grand Tour, or GT for short. While the name itself does seem to be a bit of a yawner, the magic is in the details, or in this case the abbreviation. “GT” is “TG” in reverse. Clever.

Clarkson also said on Twitter that the show will travel to a new location every episode instead of a single-setting location that predominated the trio’s former show. A tent will house The Grand Tour on its grand tour, and reports say that each location will be in a different country.

Based on this, it is safe to assume that some of the segments that made Top Gear famous won’t be used on GT. Both the “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” and fastest lap segments all required a home track to work.

The “traveling circus” format of the show also hearkens to their successful live tours, first under the “Top Gear Live” name and then under the “Clarkson, Hammond and May Live” name after the famous fracas with producer Oison Tymon got Clarkson fired. Hammond and May soon followed him out the door and paved the way for the bidding war that ended up with Amazon shelling out big bucks for the trio.

Meanwhile, the original Top Gear announced a new bevy of presenters behind host Chris Evans, including Friends star Matt LeBlanc, the first American host of the British series, German driver Sabine Schmitz and former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan.

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