TFL Top 5 – Recently Departed Cars We Dearly Miss

Every year, car models come and go. Some are replaced by new models, but a few ride off into the sunset, never to be seen again.

In some case it’s a good thing. There are a lot of cars that are just misses in the market. Did anyone really miss the Pontiac Aztek when it was put put to pasture? But some cars deserve to continue on, and when they don’t, they’re missed by car enthusiasts from coast to coast.

So what are TFLcar’s most missed discontinued cars? TFLcar hosts Roman Mica and Nathan Adlen count down their list of the cars they miss the most.

Some are surprises, and off-road-worthy vehicles snag the majority of the spots on the list. This isn’t a big surprise as off-roading is very popular here in TFL’s home state of Colorado. This list is also limited to the cars Roman and Nathan actually drove, so if your favorite discontinued car isn’t on the list, that might be the reason why.

What are your most missed discontinued cars? Start the conversation in the comments below.

Check out the full video above to find out TFLcar’s list of the top five cars we dearly miss. We won’t give the list away here, but here’s a sneak peak at one of the cars on the list:

2015 Lancer Evolution Final Edition
2015 Lancer Evolution Final Edition