Guess this filler cap and win respect from your fellow readers

mini cooper S

For a bit of fun, we’ve taken some close up shots of the latest press car that’s entered the TFL fleet with the intention of testing your auto-visual awareness. We’re sure you instantly recognized this filler cap and guess which car it belongs to but just in case you need more clues, here are three more pictures from around the vehicle.

Still don’t know? Here are some more hints about the vehicle:

  • It is perhaps one of the quirkiest cars you can buy in the United States, although it is not from here.
  • The car’s first iteration was much smaller than the current one.
  • A previous generation of this particular model was initially not tested by its country’s respective safety board on account of the blind spot being too large.
  • It’s one of the only cars you can buy with a tailgate.
  • It’s engine is rated at 189 hp and 207 lb-ft of torque.. thanks to some forced induction.

Please leave your guesses in comments section below. The first correct answer will earn its owner respect and accolades for years to come… or maybe just internal satisfaction. If you found it way too easy, don’t worry… we can adjust the difficulty level accordingly.

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