Is this a Karma Revero, a VLF Destino testing – or what?

Karma or VLF testing main
Photo: Shahab B.

Is this test vehicle a Karma Revero or a VLF Destino? Fisker failed miserably as an automaker, they fought like cats and dogs internally, had a hard time keeping their cars from spontaneously burning and never performed as good as they look. Still, the company had merit in its design, audaciousness and supercar allure. This might explain why two different companies are attempting to make this vehicle great again.

Karma or VLF rear
Photo: Shahab B.

Despite being out of production since 2012, the platform has merit. At least, that’s how automotive superstar Bob Lutz sees it. He’s the “L” in VLF. Henrik Fisker is one of the other principals in VLF, but he’s no longer part of the Fisker hybrid program that became Karma. The Karma Revero is an updated Fisker Karma with a new hybrid system and various enhancements that are supposed to keep it competitive. The Karma Revero will be built in a Southern California plant.

This Karma or VLF has no disguise. It was shadowing the prototype. We are a bit confused.
This Karma or VLF has no disguise. It was shadowing the prototype. We are a bit confused. (Photo: Shahab B.)

The Corvette ZR1-sourced V8 (the sole power-source for the VLF Destino) makes 638 horsepower and 600 lbs-feet of torque. It is only available with an automatic transmission. Bummer. Priced at $229,000, the VLF Destino will be built Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Confused yet?

So are we. It’s hard to tell which vehicle TFLcar reader Shahab B. caught testing in California. Is it a Karma Revero, a VLF Destino or some clown in an older Fisker Karma trying to mess with our heads?

What do you think?

Speaking of the old Fisker Karma…

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