• 2018 Toyota Camry to get bold new styling [Breaking News]

    Toyota Camry
    2017 Toyota Camry

    The 2018 Toyota Camry will have the most dramatic redesign in the model’s history, based on insider information obtained by TFLcar.

    An anonymous tipster who works at the Toyota factory in Georgetown, Kentucky emailed TFLcar recently, saying that the workers at the plant were given their first look at the all-new Camry.

    The worker said that the new Camry mimics the styling of the new Nissan Maxima and will come with an optional two-toned paint scheme, with the upper portion painted black. As for the front-end styling, the person said that it looks like “Lexus meets Scion” and that it’s a “crazy sporty-looking family sedan.”

    The new Camry will also feature a 360-degree camera and a panoramic sunroof.

    Redesigning the Camry is a big gamble for Toyota, as the car is not only their perennial best seller but it was also the best selling, non-truck vehicle in the U.S. last year. This year, despite a challenge from the all-new Honda Civic, the Camry is again poised to lead all other passenger cars. It’s on pace to hit 400,000 in sales, making the Camry the company’s most important vehicle.

    Toyota Camry
    2017 Toyota Camry

    Toyota has already added in a level of style and sportiness with the 2015 mid-cycle refresh of the current Camry. For 2017, the Camry continues with the refreshed look, adding more content while keeping prices the same to make sure it stays relevant in its lame-duck final year. Some of the features of the 2016 Special Edition have been rolled into the production Camry for 2017 including the Blue Streak Metallic paint that was exclusive to the Special Edition model.

    It remains to be seen how the Camry’s new redesign will affect its sales position, or whether the car itself is good enough to be competitive with cars like the Honda Accord and Mazda6 in terms of styling, performance and dynamics.

    What do you think of the potential for the 2018 Toyota Camry? Start the conversation in the comments below.

    Check out this related TFLcar video where the 2016 Camry is driven back to back with some of its competitors:

    John Inama
    John Inama
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    19 thoughts on “2018 Toyota Camry to get bold new styling [Breaking News]

    1. So… it sounds like the styling rampage will continue into 2018? Bummer.

      I’m really not a fan of Toyota’s recent design language, across the board (except for maybe the iM). It has this aggressiveness that doesn’t match its predictable-and-approachable driving dynamics (and reputation).

      That said, I really doubt an exterior redesign (alone) will dethrone the Camry. It hasn’t thus far.

    2. Really doesn’t matter what it looks like…if people used any emotion or cared about aesthetics, performance or driving enjoyment when buying they would not be buying a Camry in the first place. The new Civic is sort of a nightmare in the looks department compared to the available competition (looks like a resurrected Honda Crosstour) yet look how that thing is selling. Like politicians, brand name and model name recognition has more to do with selling cars than the actual product.

      1. I’m glad someone else shares my view of the Civic. I just think it’s weird looking, yet everything I’ve read just goes on and on about how good it looks. And this is from a guy who’s owned two Civics, and my ’89 hatchback is still the best car I’ve ever owned.

        I can’t say I agree with you on the Camry. I was impressed enough with the one I tested that I could see myself owning one. I’m a bit anxious about the new Camry, I have a feeling it’s going to be overstyled. And I’m also concerned that they’re going to stick a CVT in it.

    3. Sedans are all looking the same from the super generic Subaru Legacy to the Toyota Camry and it’s cheese grater nose. the Camry could use some bold changes. Now will that change be a hexagonal grill?

    4. Like the front black wide mouth on 2016 camry xse. Really need the ground effects back with dual exhaust. Change the back and back side from start of small back little window with the back designs in mind of sampling backs of camry’s 05 06 and 07 08 09 10 toyota camry se with ground effects in mind. Also make this car look like it is sitting bold and wide like a dodge charger with nice trunk spoiler thats nice and really visible & the ground effects + Nice looking split 5 star 18 or 19 inch wheels. Don’t get to crazy future to soon. toyota camry se in mind.Not New 2016 Nissan max in mind. New Nissan max is not good looking. Just my opinion. Nissan max Style before change looked way better.

    5. You do realize that when Toyota uses the word Bold that it may not mean the same thing that everyone else thinks of the word Bold.

    6. I also work at the Georgetown, Ky plant and all I can say is this “anonymous” tiptster went and screwed the privilege of us getting to see new models early. Toyota is now reviewing it’s policy of letting employees see new models early and it won’t surprise me at all if they never let us see them early again at the Georgetown plant if not all of them. Thanks for fucking it up for the rest of us

      1. It’s a shame about that, but I have to admit I’m a little disappointed in Toyota. I would think that they would want to create a buzz around their new models, and it’s not like the person snuck a picture with his phone and sent it to us. The company should welcome the earned media they got from this article.

        1. The problem with this article is it has possibly revealed information they didn’t want to be made public until the car was revealed, so no they are not enjoying this attention

    7. I hope ride quality stays the same, nice and soft over bumps. Hopefully the driving dynamics will allow you to corner without panic of the car leaning. I think they should stick with an automatic trans and keep the V6 which is hell of a sleeper. Hope Toyota learns that style and reliability do go hand and hand because you cant selling on reliability.

    8. It the same bs car since 2009 and they only changed one thing besides bumpers ,that is they Got rid of a decent transmission for cvt confusing

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