Cross Country Moniker makes its return with Volvo V90 Cross Country [News]

Volvo V70 XC
Volvo V70 XC

The Cross Country moniker is one that should be familiar to most Volvo fans. It has been 20 years since the Swedish automaker first introduced its lifted, plastic clad, AWD go-anywhere wagon and Volvo has decided to continue the legacy on the all new V90 platform. We don’t know much yet, but Volvo released a teaser clip today that revealed a tiny bit of the lifted wagon’s new face.


While this isn’t much, it does give us a nice look at some of the aesthetic changes made for the V90 Cross Country. The front end does look noticeably different from the standard V90’s face. Notice the new grill as well as a good amount more ground clearance, although Volvo has not revealed exactly how much. We can also see some familiar cladding guarding the front lip which looks distinctly different from the V90 pictured below.

Volvo V90 Studio Front

Boasting capabilities to “cope with the demanding requirements of an extreme Scandinavian climate,” the V90 Cross Country should keep many of the features that we remember from the old models. Included in the list is improved ground clearance, additional power, and of course all wheel drive. Presumably the additional power will come in the form of Volvo’s much used supercharged turbocharged four cylinder engine and perhaps it will make use of the electric motors available in the T8 engine spec on the XC90. Again, Volvo has really only teased the V90 Cross Country and we have no idea what sort of power plant(s) it will have.

Unfortunately we will just have to wait a little longer before Volvo reveals the whole car sometime later this month.

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