New Ford GT Prototype Caught, Chased, and Busted In the Mountains [Prototype Hunting]

There are cool cars, and then there is this new Ford GT prototype, which swoops down on a mountain highway like a cross breed between a stealth fighter jet and a transformer. It’s a special treat to see this supercar testing on a public road. This car is obviously a prototype, from the stealth matte finish on the carbon fiber bodywork, to the makeshift tail lights, and to the duct tape.

The Ford GT will use a specially prepared 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 with an output of over 600 horsepower. Every aspect of the car is focused on high performance. The main structure and body panels are made out of carbon fiber for light weight. The aerodynamics are tuned for high speed and high downforce. The car has adjustable-height suspension and an active rear wing that deploys at speed. It is the technological culmination of Ford Performance vehicles.

Ford received several thousand applications to purchase the car, and the company had to double their original limited production plan to satisfy as many customers as possible.

Ford’s website says the Ford GT will go on sale in “late 2016.” Some very lucky people will be getting a heck of a holiday present.

Check out the prototype hunting video as Nathan and Andre stumble on this super cool super car.