Is this a new Land Rover Evoque with a Jaguar powertrain spied in the wild? [Video]

Is something new coming for the Land Rover and Jaguar?

TFL’s Roman Mica spotted both types of vehicles recently in the mountains of Colorado and got a closer look at what’s being tested.

The vehicles Roman spied were two Range Rover Evoques and two Jaguars, with both Jaguars being either an XF or an XE.

Tata Motors, the Indian company that bought both brands and is developing them jointly, had company officials test driving the vehicles at high altitudes.

Range Rover Evoque

Roman followed the vehicles throughout the windy roads trying to get a closer look at them and discussed what the reasons could be for the testing at high altitudes. The altitude were the vehicles were driving was about 12,000 feet, giving Roman some theories as to why the vehicles were there.

Find out why the vehicles may have been tested and what new features Tata could possibly equip on those vehicles by watching the complete TFL video above.