• SpeedKore creates $145K carbon fiber 2017 Ford Mustang for SEMA [Video]

    The Ford Mustang just got a little bit slimmer in its new carbon fiber body.

    Ford and SpeedKore unveiled a carbon fiber Mustang, which weighs about 500 pounds lighter than a stock Mustang, during the 2016 SEMA event in Las Vegas this week. TFL’s Roman Mica talked to Sean Smith from SpeedKore, the company that installed the carbon fiber body, to learn more about the new vehicle.

    The carbon fiber Mustang is the first one Ford had built. It’s also not just a wrap around the body – it has a real carbon fiber body.

    Smith said there are plans to make more of this type of Mustang, which he estimates will start around $145,000.

    Ford Mustang SpeedKore

    One of the hardest parts of installing the carbon-fiber body was making sure the weave of the carbon fiber lined up around the car. By lining it up, the weave runs in one direction and adds to the aesthetic look.

    What other features does the car have? Find out by watching the complete TFL video above.

    Aimee Inama
    Aimee Inama
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    1. Price makes this car an irrelevance for most. It is five times the price of a regular GT. A GT350 is half the price of this, that is the way I would go. Interesting project and a possible glimpse of the future as the cost of producing carbon fibre panels continues to decrease. There was a time when an all carbon fibre bodied car would have cost a million dollars. I don’t know why they didn’t choose to do this with a GT350R and then take it racing, or at least to a track for testing to see what difference the weight saving made to the raw performance numbers.

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