• TFLcar poll: Which big FCA sedan is most likely to get the axe? [Poll]

    2015 Dodge Charger R/T Road and Track

    According to an Automotive News article, Fiat-Chrysler’s big two sedans, the Dodge Charger and the Chrysler 300, will soldier on with a few updates until the 2020 model year, when they will switch to the Alfa Romeo Giorgio platform.

    However, sources say that one of the two big sedans won’t make the transition to the platform, which also underpins the Alfa Romeo Giulia. So which one will get the axe?


    FCA has been slashing models in both the Dodge and Chrysler brands, while bolstering the Jeep lineup. Chrysler now has only two models, the 300 and the Pacifica, once the 200 goes out of production later this year. Dodge has more, and FCA has changed the brand’s focus from a mainstream brand to a performance brand, but it still lost the Dart, the Journey and the Caravan aren’t long for this world, and the Durango will be replaced with a Jeep.

    Which one do you think will most likely not survive the upgrade to the Alfa platform, the Charger or the 300? Vote in the poll below, and add a comment to let us know why.

    Which big FCA sedan will get the axe in 2021?

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    And check out this TFLcar video from the SEMA show of the Dodge Durango with a 392 HEMI:

    John Inama
    John Inama
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    11 thoughts on “TFLcar poll: Which big FCA sedan is most likely to get the axe? [Poll]

    1. I agree with switching to performance the dart should never have been called the dart it should have remained as the neon they also should have brought the srt4 back as I’m a srt4 owner and we’ve all been waiting for a replacement when all said and done this is what Pontiac did and look were they ended up the dart looked nice but was very slow which is why I chose a 16 sonic lt loaded more bang for the buck but better mpg Chrysler leave fiat and make your own destiny

      1. Neon is a much better name than Dart. Too bad Chrysler can’t leave Fiat, they are all one company now.

    2. One of the many problems the Chrysler 300 has is that it lives a double life. The outside is for the most part, nice looking. It has a simple yet (kind of) elegant exterior, although dated. When you get inside, other than the great info-tainment system and comfy seats, it just looks so ………blah. It looks like Chrysler just dumped a bin of commonly used FCA gauges and parts into this thing and said “this is all you get to work with, do what you can.” I’m a mopar man, it stinks to say this but you’ll find a better looking interior in a Toyota Corolla! This car has no unique sense of identity or purpose. It’s so vague that it’s off putting. Either start some CPR on this thing and try to bring it back to life, or let it die. Please FCA, don’t make this car limp on for another 4-5 years!

      1. The seats aren’t that comfortable when they tilt to one side and make your hips hurt like mine does. It also only has 31,000 miles (its a 2014 bought in 2013) and has 2 small rust spots on the roof and rattles in several places and has since we drove it off the lot. The only things I really like about it are the Hemi, the cooling function the crooked seats have, and the color, Jazz Blue Metallic.

    3. Come to think of it there now seems to be no point to continuing with the Chrysler brand. Pacifica could be rebadged as a Dodge. I think it is FCA’s plan to kill the brand.

      1. I never understood FCA’s brand strategy. When Fiat took over, it’s like they came at it from a European perspective. In Europe, all Chrysler imports were called Chryslers, not Dodges or Plymouths (the Neon was a Chrysler, for example). They wanted to make Chrysler the mainstream brand and Dodge a performance brand, when the American public already viewed Dodge as the mainstream brand and Chrysler as the luxury brand.

        I think that model could’ve worked – it works for Toyota, Honda, Ford, etc. But I think they knew all along what they were doing. They’ve loaded up the Jeep brand and made it a full-line brand, from subcompact (Renegade) to full size (Grand Cherokee), and now they will add in a three-row SUV that will replace the Durango. At the same time, they ripped Ram trucks away from the Dodge brand to become its own brand, and they’ve been killing off models in both Chrysler and Dodge left and right. I wouldn’t be surprised, after the Pacifica’s model run ends, that we will only have Jeep and Ram coming out of FCA, with Dodge just having the muscle cars, if they’re even still relevant in the future.

        1. That was pretty much what I thought gm did it to Pontiac like the g8 gt was renamed the Chevy ss when it was clearly the same car, but Chrysler is guilty of it so is Kia most brands

    4. There is a good chance the 300 will switch to the FWD Pacifica platform when the LX cars phase out. That assumes, of course, that they don’t drop the Chrysler brand entirely.

      Charger and Challenger would then be joined by the convertible Barracuda on the Giorgio platform. The replacement for the Journey is said to be a RWD crossover also based on the Giorgio platform and may be built either in Brampton with Charger,etc.. or in Italy depending on factory capacity.

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