Another Hyundai Pickup Truck, No Manual Alfa Romeo, X-Bow and the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show [Ask Nathan]

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In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • Did I just see another Hyundai Pickup Truck concept?
  • What do you think about Alfa Romeo not giving the U.S. any manual transmissions?
  • What are your thoughts on the upcoming X-Bow/Crossbow?
  • Will you cover and can we meet team TFL at the L.A. Auto Show?

This first question comes from a viewer who caught a glimpse of another Hyundai Pickup truck concept.


Q: Nathan, did I just see a new Hyundai pickup truck on your feed?

I was one of those guys who would love a tiny pickup truck. I live in the city and drive an old Subaru Outback. I was curious about the Subaru Baja, but I’m pretty dissatisfied with Subaru. I saw an old post from TFL truck with the Hyundai Santa Cruz, but it looked like Hyundai wasn’t going to build it. Then I see another picture of another Hyundai pickup truck concept.

Are they just teasing?


A: Hi Mike, thanks for the email!

What you caught a glimpse of was the Hyundai Creta STC pickup truck concept. The Hyundai Creta STC pickup truck concept was built with the South American consumer in mind. It just debuted at the 2016 San Paolo (Brazil) Auto Show. The Hyundai pickup truck concept you saw is based on the small Hyundai Creta SUV.

You can read about the Hyundai Creta STC Pickup truck concept in this TFLtruck article.

I have no idea if Hyundai will go through with plans for producing either mini pickup truck, but our team will keep our eyes open for news.

Stay tuned!


This next question(s) come from a viewer who wants to know what our take on Alfa Romeo is in the U.S. as they will not offer the Giulia Quadrifoglio with a manual transmission. Also, what our take is on the KTM X-Bow/Crossbow.


Q: I see you that you may be having a tough time getting some really good questions to be asked to you, so I have a couple of good questions for you.

1. Last year, you went to the 2015 LA Auto Show where Alfa Romeo unveiled the Giulia Quadrifoglio where they said it would come with a 6-speed manual. As you may already know, Alfa Romeo bombshelled the U.S. market weeks ago before the car would hit dealer showrooms, the U.S. market won’t be getting the 6-speed manual. Do you think AR just blew their last chances at appealing to the American market (from their loyal die-hard fans to a new generation of potential buyers that are just learning who Alfa Romeo was) for such a PR move? What is your take?

2. Have you or anyone else at TFL heard of the KTM X-Bow (X-Bow also known as Crossbow) that’s coming to the U.S. in 2017? There are 3 different models: X-Bow R, X-Bow RR, and X-Bow GT. I’ve also read that these will be street legal too or they will have street legal versions of these for that matter. (By the way, 6-speed manual only.) What do you think of this? Do you think Polaris has some competition coming with the Slingshot when KTM arrives with their Crossbow?



A: Hi FutureHollywoodStar86

Normally, I only use one question per person; however, both of your questions are excellent.

Regarding the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio: I am very upset that they pulled the plug on the manual. This is the second (out of two) U.S. products from Alfa Romeo that will not have a manual transmission option. As good as the Alfa Romeo 4C is, a less expensive version with a 6-speed manual would have been terrific.

I think it was a bad call and it will not help their sales projections. Shame.

As for the KTM X-Bow/Crossbow. Oh yes, I am aware of them – as is every TFL staffer. I think our pro driver Paul will get his paws on one sooner rather than later. While we have experience with with the Polaris Slingshot, Campagna T-Rex and V13R; all of those vehicles have three wheels and (most likely) drive differently than the KTM X-Bow/Crossbow.

If the KTM X-Bow/Crossbow is as good as it looks, it could be competition to the Mazda MX-5 Miata too! We will beg, borrow and steal to find a way to get our hands on one. It looks like stupid fun.

Thanks for the great questions and good luck in Hollywood!


The last question comes from a fan who wants to know if we’re covering the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show and if they can meet us there.

Q: Are you guys covering the Los Angeles Auto Show next week?

If you are, can we meet you guys if we’re going to the first day of the pubic day? My dad and I already have tickets and we already live close in Palos Verdes. Also, are you bringing Paul the driver? I want to meet you, Roman and Paul!

Let me know!


2015 los angeles auto show

A: Hi Jose!

Yes, by the time you read this, some of us will already be in Los Angeles! We will be covering the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show and several special events (private unveilings) happening around the show! We will nearly all of the TFL team there.

Unfortunately, we must leave right when the press days end. That means we will be unable to attend any of the public days that follow – so, we will not be on hand to meet you. It’s unfortunate and it happens at most of the other shows we attend, but we have to get back to the studio as soon as possible to finish editing our material and head to the next event.

Still, I’m always down to meet our excellent TFL fans! If you or any TFL fan is in the area this upcoming week, drop me a line on Twitter @NathanAdlen – I plan on bouncing to various places in L.A. like In ‘N Out, Philippe’s French Dip, Yoshinoya Beef Bowl and more!


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