• TFL Top 5: The best cars I’ve driven this year [Op/Ed]

    2017 Toyota 86

    1 – Toyota 86

    The Toyota 86 was by far the best car I’ve driven this year, by a long shot. It offers such a raw, visceral driving experience that it reminds me of why I fell in love with driving. But despite how good it is, it’s also a little bittersweet.

    Cars like the 86 – cars that are short on luxury amenities and technology and actually take some effort and focus to drive – are a dying breed. With the future of the automobile leaning more and more toward automation and electricity, cars like the 86 – and the BRZ, its Subaru sister – are not long for this world. Unless, in an ideal world, driving becomes like riding a horse, something done for fun or sport. In that case, all cars will be like the 86 – simple, raw, and fun to drive.

    Here at TFL, we rate our cars with our signature Buy It, Lease It, Rent It or Forget It ratings. If I could, I’d give the 86 a Go Buy It Right Freaking Now rating.

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    John Inama
    John Inama
    John’s love of cars started an early age. He bought his first issue of Road & Track at age 12, and has wanted to be an automotive writer ever since. He believes in the old adage that it’s more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow. When not writing about cars, John is a professional computer geek and lives with his wife and dogs on the high plains of Wyoming.

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    9 thoughts on “TFL Top 5: The best cars I’ve driven this year [Op/Ed]

    1. The 86 was the best car they drove this year lol they must of drove a lot of crappy cars to come to that conclusion the whole list was Toyota based they must receive a lot of checks from Toyota because tfl’s nose is a little brown

      1. Brandon, you need to read the story before you comment. These are the best cars I’ve driven and reviewed this year, not TFL as a whole. The cars I get from the press fleets are not always the same as the ones we get at the office for videos.

        As for the Toyota bias, well, as has been said many, many times before, no one pays us for reviews. Manufacturers provide press fleets, but we get no compensation. We review them like we see them.

        I did review a lot of Toyota products this year, but that was just the luck of the draw when it came to scheduling press cars for me to review. I haven’t always been kind to them, either. Check out all of my reviews:


        I still think the Highlander is the worst car I’ve ever driven, and I didn’t like the RAV4 at all. Toyota makes some good cars – all manufacturers do – but they make some duds, too.

        And I have to ask, have you ever driven an 86/BRZ/FR-S? Or a new Prius for that matter? You seem to have a lot to say about them.

      1. Go have your miserable life somewhere else. All you do is come on here and post such negative and immature nonsense, enough is enough. Either grow up, find another online avenue who appreciates your 5th grade banter, or adhere to the old adage you were evidently deprived of as a child; if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    2. I’m ase certified Ben threw uti of Avondale Az so I see threw the bs so maybe you might want to learn something instead of opening your mouth I will not hop on any ban wagon I will tell the neg or pos of anything regardless of what anybody thinks by the way I teach high school so I couldn’t be in 5th grade I’m very successful so you enjoy your miserable life , life is more than great over here enjoy life God bless you for commenting on this article we all have opinions but I only care about mine

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