• Is there anything more expensive than a cheap Porsche boxster? [Video]

    What does it take to keep an old Porsche drivable?

    In this episode of TFL’s video series Project Porsche, Tommy and Roman Mica are learning as they continue to fix up their 1999 Porsche Boxster.

    They recently visited Rennstall Classic Cars in Greeley, Colo. to have mechanics fix leaking oil. But, while they were there, they found out that the Boxster needed a new catalytic converter as well.

    While they waited, Tommy took a stroll around the Rennstall lot, looking at the different types of cars available. He saw an old Volkswagen Beetle, an International SUV, a Porsche track car and an old, fixed up Crosley.

    He also saw a Boxster S, a sportier version of their Boxster. Tommy pointed out all the differences between the two versions. The Boxster S comes with bigger tires, dual exhaust, nicer interior and more horsepower. The S also comes with an additional center radiator in the front besides just having the two radiators on either side.

    How much did the latest repairs cost Tommy and Roman? And, how much money overall have they put into their Boxster? Find out by watching the complete TFL video above.


    Aimee Inama
    Aimee Inama
    Aimee has more than 20 years of experience as a professional writer, 10 as a reporter for a daily newspaper. She also has more than five years of experience writing about transportation issues. When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and five dogs.

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    8 thoughts on “Is there anything more expensive than a cheap Porsche boxster? [Video]

    1. In answer to the question posed in the headline yes, many things. Cheap Ferrari, cheap Lamborghini, cheap Aston Martin, cheap Rolls Royce, cheap Bentley etc. As far as money pits go your Boxster does not even come close.

    2. I have a ’99 Boxster, one owner, 47K miles and it’s a very reliable car with a well-maintained history. I guess if you buy a POS that’s been abused, you’ll meet your money pit and learn to hate it. And regarding parts, I get my stuff on eBay at qualityporscheparts – tons of stuff and you can make offers on the parts you need at a fraction of what you pay at dealers.
      Pre- 2000 year Boxsters have the dual row IMS with a failure rate of less than 1% according to Porsche.
      So, get a 1999 Boxster, low mileage, low owner car and ENJOY!!!

    3. My problem is that a Nissan 300zx or 350z of comparable years are just as expensive to fix if not more so in my opinion almost everything they had fixed radio headlights are things they could have done to keep cost down and would have been fun to do it is nice to see them not taking this thing off road

    4. Fairly new Hemi Hell Cat sitting there in the garage. Son is driving a new Jeep up Gold Mind Hill and you guys are bitching about spending money on the Porsche. Sell the Hell Cat or the Jeep and you will have cash to put into fixing the Porsche.

    5. $6,000 is cheap for a Porsche. Even the repairs so far are CHEAP for a Luxury car. AND the repairs are tax deductible if used for business – meaning they are doubly cheap. Only $6000 for the car means it also is fully tax deductible – so you don’t have to pay income tax for the $6000 you spent. This means the $9000 you have just spent is fully tax deductible.

      A new Porsche would run you $60,000 plus the Income Tax on $60,000 plus taxes, higher insurance and registration fees, plus interest on the car loan if you can’t pay for it in cash. This would total $100,000+ you will have to spend.

      Do the math. $9000 is a lot cheaper than $100,000+ Even with more tax deductible repairs, it is way way cheaper.

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