• How fast does the 2017 Mazda6 sedan go from 0-60 at high altitude, and why doesn’t anyone buy them? [Video]

    Why isn’t the Mazda6 selling as well as its competitors?

    TFL’s Roman Mica decided to find out why after he test drove a 2017 Mazda6 and saw how fast it could go from zero to 60.

    The Mazda he tested is priced at $34,550 and comes with a four-cylinder SkyActiv engine that produces 184 horsepower and 185 pound feet of torque. With competitors like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord offering their midsize sedans with a V6 engine, that could be one of the reasons why the Mazda6 isn’t as popular.

    The sales figures also show that the Mazda6 isn’t selling as many as its competitors. Toyota sold about 355,000 of its Camrys over a year period compared to Mazda selling about 41,000 of the Mazda6s during the same timeframe.

    Although the engine may not be a V6, Roman said the vehicle rides nicely and has a great-looking interior. The back seat area also has room and some added features such as heated seats that many passengers would enjoy.

    The Mazda6 also gets decent gas mileage, having a rating of 27 miles per gallon city and 35 miles per gallon highway.

    But to see how fast it was off the line, Roman did a zero to 60 test.

    How fast was the Mazda6? What other reasons could contribute to the vehicle not selling as well? Find out by watching the complete TFL video above.

    2017 Mazda Mazda6

    Aimee Inama
    Aimee Inama
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    18 thoughts on “How fast does the 2017 Mazda6 sedan go from 0-60 at high altitude, and why doesn’t anyone buy them? [Video]

    1. Sexy car but with them letting go of Mazdaspeed theirs no performance at all that car looks like it should put out at least 300hp, but has the hp numbers of a 1.5 turbo civic or about the same as a focus also bring back the rx8 a real head to head competitor to brz / 86 come on Mazda u can do ittttt

    2. I have one….I love the hell out of it and it stands out on the road. I didn’t want a Camry or Honda….Everyone has those….With this one people always either compliment me at gas stations or ask what it is. They assume it’s sport-luxury classed like a Lexus F series.

      All that was said in the video about how it drives is true. I have the base version though. It’s lighter so it goes 0-60 a bit faster.

    3. I think it doesn’t sell because of lack of awareness. I also don’t see it at many dealerships. I would have to travel to specialized Mazda dealerships or the random few non Mazda ones.

    4. Since most Camrys and Accords are four cylinders, I doubt that’s it. Most people just continue to buy what they know and they don’t know Mazda. The other cars have a reputation for reliability and even though Mazda is right up there also, a lot of buyers will stick with the appliances they know.

    5. I agree the Mazda is nice but here in Az things are spreed out very far in a lot of cases so to buy a Mazda and the nearest dealer being 50-75 miles away is a huge inconvenience that’s the biggest problem , their just to small of a manufacturer serve the people who need them or want them it’s like owning a Volvo nice but service will be an issue

    6. Bought a brand new Accord LX-P in 2012. 12 agonizing months later I was too happy to trade it for a Mazda Touring. We get regular inquiries about the Mazda. Now at 60K miles, I will gladly buy another Mazda.

    7. I agree that Mazda has 2 pretty glaring problems when it comes to their sales numbers. 1. People don’t want to have to drive 100 miles to get to a dealer to get their vehicle worked on, (this is my situation), it’s rediciculous and inconvenient for the average person. 2. People don’t like making a $30,000+ gamble on a vehicle they don’t know much about. Most will stick with a pretty safe and knowable purchase, especially when it’s something you’ll have to live (and be paying for) for a number of years.

    8. The engine the Mazda 6 has will be fine for most people but it would help the brand generally if there were a halo model such as a Mazda Speed 6. This would help to generate awareness.

    9. Mazda have to put diferent option 4,6 cilinder and a turbo speed 6 I brought a 2006 mazdaspeed 6 is in my house after 287k run perfect no problem I just brought in october 2016 turbo gt cx9 at least put this turbo engine in the 6 and raise the hp to 300 or 350 and then people going to buy the car

      1. With them sharing platforms with ford, turbo and other things should be possible and their shouldn’t be any reason not to have a sport model I suspect ford has a lot to do with Mazda not being in the sport sedan segment because it would be competition but none of that matters when you look at the fact they need more dealerships. theirs not Enough to grow great cars great designs but no soul Mazdaspeed 6 wonderful car fast sexy used the evo’s awd system so it was capable also the rx8 needs to come back so cars like the 86 can go away and people can realize their being scammed lol

        1. Where have you been? Mazda hasn’t shared platforms with Ford in a long time. Ford sold most of their stakes in Mazda in 2008.

    10. Very nice car and I was thinking of buying one. Coming from Europe where you pay for every extra Horsepower I wanted to get the fastest car possible at a reasonable price. In Europe you pay more on registration, insurance and tax on a fast car while here I bought a V6 SUV and my insurance dropped from Buick Regal! Registration is remarkably the same! I was driving a 1.6 in Europe and here I can drive a 3.2 with no additional cost. And Gas is dirt cheap here too! So I go to the Mazda dealer looking for a 300HP Car and he is trying to convince me to buy a 180hp car?! The car was nice but I felt I was back in Europe! The CEO of Mazda had the nerve to say…ohh you Americans like to drive them in low revs! What does that have to do with the fact that the car is painfully slow? What’s the reason for not buying a Buick Regal instead? Why not buy a Ford Focus RS? Even better I’ll go buy a Ford Mustang or a low lease Infiniti with 3.6 engine! What ever happened to those turbo engines on the old Mazda 6? Now you really have to be desperate or 80 years old to go buy a Mazda in the US. If you are so hooked up on economy go get a hybrid

    11. John from ny ,your so correct that’s our points to these Mazda buyers think their getting a good deal their getting ripped off in the performance and sport area in the whole Mazda line up.

    12. Few months ago when I needed a midsize sedan. In my mind there are two options, those are Honda Accord and Mazda 6. I test drove 2017 accord. The car exterior looks nice, but I don’t like the interior with two tier dash, besides, road nice to noticeable. I went to Mazda dealer for test drive Mazda 6. Oh man, the car look stunningly beautiful inside out. However, the ride is really rough and the cabin is so noisy, and it struggled getting off the line. On the roll, the car is more responsive, the handling is excellent. But most of people buying a sedan don’t put handling as the top priority. Instead, reliability, quiet cabin, comfortable ride, power come first. People have to go to work 20 days/month and once in a while take the car to a whining road to have fun.

    13. This guy was about 2000 a mile above sea level. Mazda 6 is 7.0-7.5 to 0-60. Don’t know where this got got his numbers from. Check car and driver and another car magazines for real numbers

    14. It’s funny how people are on here talking about speed when the 4 cylinder Mazda 6 is quicker than the 4 cylinder accord and Camry. Do your research

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