• TFL Top 10: Cars that shouldn’t exist, but you can buy today! [w/Video]

    Challenger SRT Hellcat

    Some cars’ existences are obvious. Midsize sedans, compact crossovers, compact cars – these are all big sellers that fill obvious places in the automotive market.

    Some cars, however, are a mystery. Their existence doesn’t fit any obvious market segment. They’re either halo cars – cars that are meant to embody the essence of their brands – or in some cases don’t fit the brand at all.

    TFLcar has tested and driven a lot of cars, and this is our list of the top 10 cars that shouldn’t exist, but are available now. Click the right arrow below to start the list.

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    John Inama
    John Inama
    John’s love of cars started an early age. He bought his first issue of Road & Track at age 12, and has wanted to be an automotive writer ever since. He believes in the old adage that it’s more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow. When not writing about cars, John is a professional computer geek and lives with his wife and dogs on the high plains of Wyoming.

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    1. I agree with the list except the ford gt which serves a huge purpose just not at its current price I also think they should’ve kept the v8 ditch that v6 also ford cousin Saleen please bring back the most sexy super car ever the s7

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