• TFL Top 10: Cars that shouldn’t exist, but you can buy today! [w/Video]

    2015 dodge challenger srt hellcat

    3 – Dodge Challenger Hellcat

    While the Challenger was intended as a modern muscle car from its inception, no one expected the car, which is based on an aging Mercedes-Benz E-class platform, to be outfitted with the most powerful engine available in an American car and to approach 200 mph in top speed. Yet, here is the Hellcat. Imagine how fast it would go if that engine wasn’t trying to push a brick though the air, as the Challenger isn’t the most aerodynamic car in the world.

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    John Inama
    John Inama
    John’s love of cars started an early age. He bought his first issue of Road & Track at age 12, and has wanted to be an automotive writer ever since. He believes in the old adage that it’s more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow. When not writing about cars, John is a professional computer geek and lives with his wife and dogs on the high plains of Wyoming.

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    1. I agree with the list except the ford gt which serves a huge purpose just not at its current price I also think they should’ve kept the v8 ditch that v6 also ford cousin Saleen please bring back the most sexy super car ever the s7

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