• 2017 Honda Civic Sport Team Review: The Civic Gets Its Mojo Back!

    2017 honda civic hatchback sport

    The 2017 Honda Civic Sport is an entry-level hatchback with sporty pretensions. Yes, a Civic Type R and Civic SI are on their way but for now, if you want a racy Civic, the Sport trim is the only option.

    New for 2017, the Honda Civic hatch joins the coupe and sedan lineup with more room and more utility. Design wise, the Civic Hatch and Civic Sedan are similar from the B-pillar forward. The new hatchback can be differentiated from a sedan by the black grill. Out back our Civic Sport had not one, but two spoilers and dual center-mounted exhausts to finish out the boy-racer body kit.

    Under the hood, only one engine option is available; a direct injected 1.5-Liter turbo four mated to either a 6-speed manual or continuously variable transmission. Regardless of transmission, the Sport trim makes 180 horsepower. However, if rowing the gears isn’t your thing, CVT equipped Sport Civics lose 15 lb-ft of torque (162 lb-ft down from 177). A combination of MacPherson struts up front and a multi-link rear suspension means the new Civic Hatch feels much more direct and planted than its affordable $22,135 price tag would suggest.

    2017 honda civic hatchback sport

    Speaking of price, our middle-of-the-line trim arrived with nearly no options but came standard with welcome conveniences like Bluetooth audio, automatic climate control, and a surprisingly potent audio system. While the interior may be awash in hard black plastics, the leather-wrapped shift knob and steering wheel fell easily and comfortably to the hand.

    And speaking of shift knobs, the 6-speed manual equipped in our Rallye Red tester was both precise and light to use, easily one of the best aspects of the driving experience.

    If you just can’t wait for the upcoming Honda Civic SI or Type R revealed at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the all-new Civic Hatch Sport is an engaging and affordable way into a sporty Civic that doesn’t compromise on day-to-day practicality or comfort.

    For more of our thoughts on the new Civic Hatch, take a look at our team review below!

    Tomas Mica
    Tomas Mica
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    1. Fire that girl he keeps putting on the videos she’s irritating I like the dad but the son ahhh ok his friends and that girl fire them fire them have a good day lol

    2. Steve c I hate to agree with you but your right the Elantra with its dual clutch and turbo with more hp promises to be very engaging and not to mention very stunning

    3. The exterior of the Civic is just too much and the CVT is a negative. I think the Elantra GT Sport will be a better alternative. I am looking forward to test driving them back to back this summer.

    4. It’s Really more then that .so the golden rule is 25% loss for autos so the real number is probably 30% to the wheels, because of the rubber-band effect within the cvt trans so really it’s more like 145-150 hp to the wheels keep in mind the new civic is significantly heavier then previous gens so expect the performance which isn’t a bad thing

    5. I love the idea and execution of this car, except for one thing: The exterior styling. This car is uglier than two scoops of Ernest Borgnine!

      1. Jiml you took all the words outta my mouth great idea ugly ugly car .my neighbor down the street just took delivery of his new civic type R I thought I hated the looks before just the looks before damn its worse the closer you get to it. he got it in all black ,he also paid a dealer mark up of almost 7k 47 and sum change total. Please excuse any miss spelled worlds lil tired lol

      2. Just picked up a 2017 ex-t sedan. Amazingly sweet everyday ride.

        For you long time Honda owners, the motor feels decidedly un-Honda like. Plenty of torque down low but not that frenetic willingness to rev. The turbo doesn’t really shove you in the back but builds power more linearly. And it sounds a bit droney. The car never feels underpowered but you won’t get that typical rush you do from most turbos or NA Hondas for that matter. But I guess Honda engineers designed them that way on purpose and will probably save the nutty power delivery for the type R.

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